Suddenly I See Crystal Clear

September 4 - October 9, 2015





    From August 20th-September 4th, Christopher Füllemann and Daniel V. Keller will be in residence at VACANCY, living and making work in the gallery. Suddenly I See Crystal Clear, opening September 4th, inaugurates a new series of shows at VACANCY focusing on collaborations between artist couples. The series will include artists of all disciplines, including a designer and a curator, and will be arranged in a structure based on collaborative experience.

    Füllemann and Keller, usually individually focused artists, have for this show devised a sculptural installation where each piece is wholly collaborative. The work will stand at the nexus of their two converging art practices, investigating material translatability through postdigital aesthetics. In a metamodern gesture, the artists painted the floor a deep blue-screen blue, positing it as a transparent frame for the ‘rematerialization’ of their own sculptures. (1) Constructed on impulses of viewership in a simulated world, the artists examine ‘digitization’ as a frame through which linguistic and visual information is passed, thus becoming a tool for cultural abstraction. In their material transgressions, an apparently natural object can be synthetic, or a positive sculpture can be suggested by negative space; sculptures bubble down, melting back into their original forms, in the process becoming new materials of which they were never made. A fence is constructed down the center of the space, applying a physical and visual restriction that emphasizes spatial agency as a perceptual device embedded in both gallery viewership and digital content. The total work recalls a photographic freezing of time within an abstracted landscape where objects are always in the process of becoming themselves - like the blurred, engorged waterfall image stretched over the West wall - an ongoing entelechy, ever reperforming their own shifting existences. 

     Realized in a moment of clarity on a bicycle ride in Zürich, the title Suddenly I See Crystal Clear could easily refer to the crystal blue of the digital waterfall, to the the implied transparency of a deep-blue-screen non-space that is the monochrome floor, and to the feeling of phenomenological pause between states of matter, recalled by the two puddling bronzes. It may refer to the flux between their fence’s visual restriction and the panoptic visual power afforded by the microcosm set into the wall-housed vitrine. It could be a dry quip towards the lack of perceptual fidelity baked into the consumption of digital content, and it may simply celebrate an aesthetic feeling of beauty in nature. It is this flexibility of Füllemann and Keller’s generous approach to sculpture that allows for a multitude of stackable readings, which range from a commentary on postdigital conditions of image-object making to the clarity of a sunny day.


Christopher Füllemann is a Swiss artist born in 1983 in Lausanne. He graduated from the University of Art and Design / ECAL in 2008 where he studied painting and video art, later focusing his practice in sculpture. In 2012, Füllemann graduated from San Francisco Art Institute with the SFAI Outstanding Award in Sculpture. He received the Swiss Art Award 2011 in Basel and later the Gustave Buchet Award 2013, which included a solo show at the Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne. Most recently Füllemann exhibited at Museum Langmatt in Baden and at the Swiss Art Awards 2015 in Basel. He lives and works in Zürich.

Daniel V. Keller is a Swiss artist born in 1987 in Münsterlingen. He studied at the Ceramic Design Class KDFK-SfGB-B in Bern, Switzerland, where he got his diploma in 2008 and afterwards got his bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. He won the Startstipendium of Mondriaan Fronds in 2012, the Kiefer Hablitzel Award in 2014, and is the winner of the Adolf-Dietrich Förderpreis in 2015. His work has been shown across Europe and the U.S., with solo shows at P/////AKT in Amsteram, SIGNAL in Brooklyn and most recently at Kunsthalle Arbon. He lives and works in Zürich and Amsterdam.

(1) Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker, “Notes on Metamodernism,” Journal Of Aesthetics and Culture, Vol. 2, 2010


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