January 29, 2016 - February 13, 2016 



The directors of VACANCY will be gone for the length of this show. In absentia, they have invited Luca Antonucci, of Colpa Press, and Sarah Hotchkiss, of Stairwell’s and artist/writer at large, to be curators-in-residence between January 29th and March 5th. They will present two solo shows over their five-week stead, beginning with Hermit by David Bayus, via Luca Antonucci and Colpa Press. This will be exhibition 4 of 5 in a series centered on artist couples.       

A chair-seated figure watches an infomercial on a tablet. The program sells paintings and sculptures. One of the paintings is a portrait of himself. The figure turns irate at the sight of his on-screen likeness, setting off in search of the source. His trek takes him spelunking through caverns of neolithic anxiety and hurtling down halls of technological mania, guided all along the way by past and future specters of loneliness.        

Hermit is a 23-minute short film created over the past 10 months by San Francisco-based artist David Bayus from an accretive process of painting, photography and sculpture. The restaged ephemera of this film make up the exhibition and premiere of Hermit at VACANCY on January 29th.        

Hermit is the third incarnation of Stroke, an ongoing collaboration between Colpa's co-founder Luca Antonucci and David Bayus taking the shape of a book, a VHS tape, and in this case, an exhibition. On Saturday, February 13, 8-10pm VACANCY presents Stroke Vol. 3, a limited edition of 100 hardcover books including a digital download of the film Hermit.  


David Bayus (b. 1982 in Johnson City, TN) received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2010 and a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005. He is a founding member of the BASEMENT art collective located in San Francisco's Mission District. David has exhibited extensively in the Bay Area and elsewhere, most recently in group shows at Cloaque.org, The Lab, KUNST-HAUL, and Ever Gold. The third book in his ongoing series Stroke will debut at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair in February 2016 and is published by Colpa Press. 

Luca Antonucci (b. 1983 in New York, NY) lives and works in San Francisco, CA. He is an artist, curator and co-founder of the publishing practice Colpa Press. He received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2010. He has exhibited his work in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Berlin. Colpa titles are in collections at the Getty Foundation, the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, Stanford University, Reed University and the Kadist Foundation.


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